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As a believer in reducing the damage to our planet and excessive waste, I want to play my part in it's reduction, I am always open to implementing new ideas. Here is a sample of how I am implenting these areas.


Art Frames and Canvas

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

Fortunate to have a  friend who brings me off cuts of building materials, that were to be thrown in the skip, which I can then repurpose to make painting frames.

As the Ancient Egyptians would recycle their fabric to wrap their mummies, I will be doing some pieces based on this to create canvases and plaster work. Keep an eye on my Gallery for future work.



Reduce, Reuse

I endeavour to estimate how much paint I am going to need, so as not to be wasteful. Just like the toothpaste I will flatten the tube to get the last drop.

To extend the life of my paints, if not using in one sitting, I keep them from drying out by, using a damp cloth in a container with the paint, put a lid on and then into the fridge, as long as the cloth or sponge is damp, can last for weeks.



Reduce, Reuse, Recyle

Reusing packaging for storing and posting artwork is a must, when I can get the supplies. Which would include, cardboard boxes and envelopes, bubble wrap and bags, even foam sheets that occasionally find it's way to me.

Recyle RRR.png


Recycle, Repair, Reduce,
Reuse, Repurpose

I would rather someone else made use of what I have, if I do not need it, rather than bin it. With a skill in sewing and a curiosity of how things work, I have a go at repairing rather than throwing. 

A supporter of my local Facebook RRR community, which has exploded during lock down, where we can offer items for free, that we don't have a use for, or do a shout out for something we are in need of. 

solar panels.png


Renew, Reduce, Repurpose

An advocate for our country to be reliant on producing its own energy through environmentally friendly natural means, of solar, wind and wave energy harvesting. I would like to see more homes and businesses fitted with solar panels, to reduce cost and use clean power.

We are fortunate to have our own solar panels fitted to our home.

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