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Melanie T. Pettersen Artist

Based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Melanie is engaged in exploring different cultures' history, art and philosophy, through her art work. Her particularly interests are life after death, the transition into the afterlife, and what we have left behind in this world when we depart, as evidence we existed. By studying other cultures she is finding a deeper appreciation and discovery in her own beliefs. Through her art she feels, "by bringing attention to a culture and it's art, I feel I am engaging in the ongoing discussion, bringing their story to life, where we can also address our own ideas and beliefs".

Melanie studied Art Foundation at Harrow College of Art, and has an Art BA Hons degree from South Glamorgan College, now known as Cardiff Met, Wales, UK. 

"My degree was unique in it's collaborative content. I practiced a range of fine art disciplines such as: painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and installation, the theory side was of equal proportion. When studying Art's history we looked at the context of what was happening at the time, that produced such art works, changes in perception, ideas, events etc. I studied German Philosophy in relation to art and it's  aesthetics/beauty and function, touching on psychology and sociology aspects of art's creation.

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