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Regus Office Space,
Cardiff Bay, Wales, CF10 4RU
October 2022 to April 2023
'Sun Collection'
Exhibiting on the 3rd floor, a collection based on the Sun hieroglyph. Within this exhibition I created some pieces with focus on individual hieroglyphs, as a way of bringing them to the fore, to have a conversation about their function in painted wesekh collars on ancient Egyptian mummy cases, masks and covering, these symbols I have seen used with frequencey with the cases and mummies I have been looking at

LLanover Hall Arts Centre,
Cardiff, Wales, Cf5 1FH
January - March 2022
'New Horizon'
A group exhibition of art pieces created during lockdown, where this group of artists express how lockdown gave them, time to review and reassess their lives, revisit their art, return to creating art and how they have come through the lockdown with their own new horizon.

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Research Trip
December 2022
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Melanie will be travelling to Cairo, Aswan and Luxor, with Ancient World Tours, on The Great Monuments Tour with Dr Campbell Price, Curator of the Egypt and Sudan collection at the Manchester Museum. On this tour she will be visiting the pyramids at Giza, Saqqara, Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings, Deir el Medina and Hatshepsut's Temple, visiting tombs, museums and temples along the way.

United ArtSpace
22 November 2021
Facebook Group
Melanie recently joined in a live international discussion, where artists shared how they are trying to be more eco-aware. Melanie discussed the reusing wood off cuts from building projects and recycling of cloth, such as linen and cotton to create painting surfaces.

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